About Xundra's Garden


There are hundreds of flowers to collect in Xundra's Garden, each is given randomly as a seed to another flower.

In addition to collecting seeds via flowers, there is a "Garden Point" system that awards spendable points for weeding and squishing snails that appear in garden beds, and a "Green Thumb" level system where for each seed you collect you gain a point towards the next level up - higher levels unlock more flowers.

All you need to start is a flower and a pot. Watering is free, and done via the "Pot" or "Garden" menu. If you want to collect garden points, you will also need a garden bed (large if you want snails). If you have a garden bed you don't need a pot

Plants can survive outside of garden beds / pots and can even be watered if you have a watering can (included in the starter kit), however they will not produce seeds.

Plants do not die. If their hydration reaches zero, they will stop growing and producing seeds

The Starter Kit

Included in your starter kit is a flower and a medium pot (there is also a watering can, but it is not needed)

To get started, all you need to do is:

  1. Rezz the Pot
  2. Rezz the plant near the pot
  3. Click the pot and select "Add Plant"
  4. Click the plant.

The plant is planted, and will start to grow. You will need to water your plant, watering is done by clicking the pot and selecting water.

Your plant will grow in size every day up to age 5.

At age 10, then ever 10 days after that, your plant will go into seed. Click the plant and click "Yes" to the dialog to collect the seed. A new plant will be sent to you.

A plant must be planted inside a pot, planter or garden bed to go into seed.

Pots / Planters and Garden Beds are available at Xundra's Stuff

Weeds and snails last 12 hours, and when clicked on, grant garden points. Garden points can be used to purchase special plants that can not be obtained via seeds.