Level 1

Flower NameInworldLI
Black Aster263
Black Berry Bush301
Black Calla Lily181
Black Chilli241
Black Daffodil291
Black Daisy293
Black Daylily251
Black Elephant Ear281
Black Hibiscus271
Black Moon Flower211
Black Peace Lily352
Black Periwinkle253
Black Poppy212
Black Rose181
Black Roseish251
Black Snap Dragon371
Black Sunflower242
Black Toadstool241
Black Trumpet312
Black Tulip184
Blood Apple Tree243
Blue Agave282
Blue Aster243
Blue Bamboo251
Blue Berry Bush251


Note: The inworld statistic is the number of that type given via seeds, it does not include flowers that were given out via starter kits, manually or exclude seeds that were declined.

Note: LI is the Land Impact of the plant when it is fully grown.