Screenshot Contest 2023

Strawberry Mint (kitswithmints)

Mx Opalfire (celestialgrace278)

Anna (AnnaTTT1000)


Ok, this is a tough decision. The color of the plants in the first one really stood out to me, and the third one was good showing a top view of the gardens. I'm going to have to go with the second one though just because it showed more of a variety of plants that look pretty.

- Moon.X (Shauna Vella)

About Our Judge

Moon.X (Shauna Vella) is the author of Moonletters Blog ( and a keen PlantPets collector, she sells PlantPets via her store Bloom.X


Congatulations Mx Opalfire, you are the winner of this screenshot contest! Thankyou to those who participated, and Moon.X our judge. I really enjoyed seeing your gardens, and hope we can do another competition sometime in the future!